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The specialists in naturalistic animal costumes of Animals & Mascots
have a new name and website now on:

Reimer Mascots provider and rental

Reimer Mascots can be your special provider for rental and production of fully movable costume figures.
Take advantage of our costumes to enhance the public relation appearances of your company,
organisation or club at fairs and special events!
Each of our smooth costumes is a unique product of craftmanship and artistic design.

Our highly experienced team of artists, artisans and manufacturers guarantees a wide range and variety of exclusive designs.

Whether comic character, fantasy figurine or naturalistic animal Reimer Mascots – costume
will always be your very own popular hero with an individual personality.


Animals & Mascots founded in 2002 by the costume designer Erika Reimer.
Erika Reimer began in 1971 trained as a graphic designer in which they have directed their attention to the representation of animals.
After several years at the Serapionstheater as a costume designer working for Gera Graf, she turned to the production of stage and movie costumes.
During her art history degree and later, she worked as a costume designer in theater – movie and TV productions in Vienna.

Erika Reimer, Andrea Minauf and Gerda Fischer founded 1992 KABA FUNDUS, a second hand store – a success story of the Viennese scene.

The production of animal costumes began in 1994 with a wolf costume. The increasing demand for mascot and animal costumes allowed her to devote this industry niche. .